As a photographer, I focus on a lot of different subjects; but what I really love to photograph are people and lifestyles.
Whether I set out to capture an environmental portrait of a recording engineer, a corporate shot of a business executive or to create new branding images for a small business, my goal is always the same: To break through the outer layers and dive into the soul of what the subject truly is.
The inner workings of anything are what make them so interesting. Not just the way they work, but why they work. What motivates them, what holds them back, what their strengths and weaknesses are. These are the things I find fascinating and that's why I strive to capture all of these qualities and emotions and tell that story through my images.  

I'm based in Orlando Florida and travel all over the country to work on projects.

I graduated from the Southeast Center of Photography at The University of Central Florida with my bachelor's degree in Photography. College gave me a place to start but too be honest, most of my education came through one the job training in the form 7+ years of photo assisting. Developing my style while learning the trade through hundreds of different photographers from around the world.
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